Ginger & Lemongrass Fizz

Today marks a huge milestone in my wellness journey. It has been over three years since I was well enough to do high intensity exercise and today I went to the park in the beautiful sunshine for a wonderful HIIT session. It felt amazing to get my heart rate pumping. As I sprinted my little… Read More


Coconut Almond Bliss Balls

I've just returned from the most magical week of yoga teacher training in Sweden. We stayed in the woods by a beautiful lake surrounded by trees that towered over us as though giving us a big hug. It was stunning and so wonderful to take some time out to switch off and recharge. Something became… Read More


Vegetarian Nachos

Not that I EVER need an excuse to eat Mexican food but with yesterday being Cinco de Mayo I knew we had to have a Mexican feast. I spent several months in the South of Mexico many years ago and absolutely feel in love with the culture and the food. Mexican flavours are bold and… Read More


Pineapple & Ginger Green Smoothie

This smoothie has become one of my favourite breakfasts of late.  A few weeks ago I did a three day cleanse that left me feeling wonderful. I had lots of smoothies, vegetable juice, soup and broth. I drank this smoothie every morning and it made me feel so good. The weather is getting warmer in London… Read More


Buckwheat Salad Wrap

It’s been so sunny and warm in London the past week, which means light and fresh lunches are on the cards. After months of eating soups and stews, it’s lovely to start eating more refreshing meals. The base of this wrap is made with my buckwheat crepe mixture. I shared the recipe with you a… Read More


Raw Hazelnut Pralines

I hope you have a little bit more room for some chocolate after the Easter break! Most days I love to have a little bit of dark chocolate, so I thought it would be fun to get in the kitchen and try making my own. After playing around with a few versions, I've finally found… Read More


Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies

Even if you are super healthy and conscious of what you eat, I haven't met anyone that doesn't like a little something sweet. Most people love dessert and I truly believe it's about finding a balance. Good quality dark chocolate is just something I would never deny myself of. I love working on dessert recipes… Read More


Raspberry Chia Jam

You gotta love a ten minute recipe where the end result is a beautiful jar of delicious jam. Raspberry Jam is a favourite for so many people but sadly often the main ingredients is a bucket load of sugar. I wanted to make a jam where the fruit was the real star, was super simple… Read More


Blueberry Spelt Scones

I got my British Citizenship last week after 7 years, which means we're celebrating with scones! These aren’t your typical British scones but they are delicious. They’re made with spelt flour and speckled with blueberries. I actually made two versions of these, the first used butter and the second I used coconut oil instead of… Read More


Coconut & Hazelnut Granola

Breakfast is such an important part of the day; I'm always shocked to hear how many people skip it. With this Coconut & Hazelnut granola you definitely won’t want to miss breakfast, it's so delicious! When we think of food as fuel for the body, it makes sense to start the day with a nutritious… Read More