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Baked Potato Wedges

Potatoes often get a bad rap for being quite fattening but the more I've delved into it, I've discovered it’s not true. The problem is the way people are eating them. The most popular options are chips that are deep fried in nasty amounts of oil or mashed with loads of butter and cream. If… Read More


Mango Green Smoothie

I've just got back from a few blissful days in the South of France. We managed to find a few places that did fresh juices and smoothies but I'm pretty sure they didn't actually contain that much fruit and veg. Much cheaper for them to include lots of apple and orange concentrate but not so… Read More


Watermelon & Strawberry Slushie

Last week was the hottest week I think I've ever experienced in London. I loved every minute of it but in a city that isn't equipped for warm weather meant I spent my days looking for icy cold drinks! It gave me visions of living on a tropical island eating fresh fruit and swimming in… Read More


Dairy Free Strawberry Ice Cream

I had every intention of sharing my slow cooker chicken broth recipe with you today but we're having a heatwave in London so I abandoned that idea and made dairy free strawberry ice cream for breakfast! Ice cream on a boiling hot day pretty much felt like the best thing in the world this morning… Read More


Salmon and Noodle Broth

Using a good broth in your recipes is the key to a delicious tasting meal. You just can’t compare the result you get from stock/broth you make at home and the majority of ones you buy from the store. It is such a simple thing to make and the reward is more than worth the… Read More


Belgian Banana Waffles

Last weekend I made these delicious waffles which I had to share with you straight away. They are such a treat and they’re made with healthy wholesome ingredients so no need to feel guilty. I often make the batter the night before and then it’s all ready to go when you are hungry in the… Read More


Berrylicious Banana Smoothie

This is my all-time favourite breakfast smoothie. I have this at least four days a week and I can’t believe I haven’t shared it with you yet! It’s such a great way to start the day and doesn't take more than five minutes to make. I love the hassle free vibe that comes along with… Read More


Ginger & Lemongrass Fizz

Today marks a huge milestone in my wellness journey. It has been over three years since I was well enough to do high intensity exercise and today I went to the park in the beautiful sunshine for a wonderful HIIT session. It felt amazing to get my heart rate pumping. As I sprinted my little… Read More


Coconut Almond Bliss Balls

I've just returned from the most magical week of yoga teacher training in Sweden. We stayed in the woods by a beautiful lake surrounded by trees that towered over us as though giving us a big hug. It was stunning and so wonderful to take some time out to switch off and recharge. Something became… Read More


Vegetarian Nachos

Not that I EVER need an excuse to eat Mexican food but with yesterday being Cinco de Mayo I knew we had to have a Mexican feast. I spent several months in the South of Mexico many years ago and absolutely feel in love with the culture and the food. Mexican flavours are bold and… Read More